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After decades of fast developments in the Chinese coastal cities, now the mid provinces lead the new rounds of the Chinese booming.
Hubei Province, a strategically important province, has been leading the national growth in the past years. 
Hubei (literally means "north of the lake"), nicknamed as “the gateway of nice provinces”, is located at the very heart of China.
In 2016, Hubei is the 5th fastest growing province (with an annual GDP growth of 8.1%) and the 7th largest economy (with a total GDP of 480 billion USD) in the country though it is the 9th most populous province (with 59 million populations).
CES Parks, governmental owned smart industry parks, are located in this fast growing province. Our mission is to provide the best platforms for international companies in the rising mid China on the new rounds of Chinese developments.
We offer the best packages of polices which are not available in the Chinese coast areas. Among the packages, we offer heavy assets financing, tax refund, access to the local market and many more.
Welcome to CES Parks!


Facts about Hubei


Population: 59 million (2016, the 9th populous province in China, about the size of Italy).


Nicknames: the Gate of the Nice Provinces, the Province of Thousands Lakes, the Land of Fish and Rice.


GDP: 480 billion USD (2016, ranks 7th place in China, about the size of Sweden).


GDP Growth Rate: 8.1% (2016, the 5th fastest growing province in China).


Area: 186 000 square km (the 14th largest province in China, about the size of two Portugal together).