National and Regional Headquarters

CES Parks are located in the heart of China. Within the radius of 500 kilometers, we reach 350 million customers. Within the radius of 1000 kilometers, we cover the most important Chinese market and 100 million populations – the coastal and all fast growing middle provinces. Due to our unique location, CES Parks are the best places for establish your national headquarters.


We welcome branches from mechanical processing, smart technology, green energy system, IT, creation, education and health industry etc.


Your Best Platform in China

We welcome you to establish your national and regional headquarters, your manufacturing base, R&D center, service center, education center, logistic center, call center and other production, sales and supporting center in our parks. Please contact with us for more information.

How to Apply?

Welcome to CES Parks! Please feel free to contact with us. Email us your interests, plans and ideas regarding your planned operating in our parks. We will provide you with our tailor made offers and packages.