Our Vision

Making a green, sustainable and modern industry park.

Facilitating the best platforms for international companies.

Producing high quality products.

Creating values and harmonies to the local community.

The Design

Green environment and sustainability are our main focuses on the designing of CES Parks. Bengt Dahlgren AB, a well-known Swedish engineering company, takes the lead in the designing of our industry park.


The Infrastructure

All municipal infrastructures are constructed in high standard to satisfy the requirements of modern industries, including: road, power supply, telecoms, water supply and sewage system etc.

According to individual agreement, we will also provide manufacturing infrastructures, including: plant, office building, apartment building and other supporting buildings.

Turnkey Financing Package

We provide complete and high quality turnkey financing package for companies. Under this package, we will finance all heavy asset investment including plant, office building, apartment building and even the machines used in the plants.