CES Park Wuhan



CES Park Wuhan is located in Wuhan Municipality of Hubei Province. We have easy access to all modern transportations.


Wuhan International Airport: 30 minutes.

High Speed Railway Stations: 20minutes.

Wuhan Harbour: 20 minutes.

And national highway networks.



Wuhan - the Mega City


Wuhan is one of the nine largest modern municipalities in China. It is a modern and prosperous mega city.



Wuhan is a national level industry base, science and education base and transportation hub. With 11 million populations, Wuhan is the largest municipality in central China.



Wuhan is an higher education capital. The city has 96 universities (ranks only after Beijing in China) and 1.5 million university students.


Wuhan is an excellent base for modern production, R&D, distribution and service center for whole China.




Major Industries in Wuhan

Wuhan has a complete and modern industry system. The city is a base for iron and steel industry, IT and peripherals, automobile, optoelectronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, shipbuilding, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry.