CES Park Zhongxiang



CES Park Zhongxiang is located in Zhongxiang City of Hubei Province. The city is within 2 hours Wuhan economic rim.


Wuhan: 2 hours.

High Speed Railway Stations: 2.5 hours.

National highway networks: 10 minutes (G42).




Zhongxiang - a World Famous Longevity City


Zhongxiang is one of the world's famous "longevity towns" - thanks to its great environment and healthy lifestyle. The city has a written history of 2700 years. It is the hometown of Zhu Houzong - 11th emperor of Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Zhongxiang, the name of the city, with the meaning of "the best Feng Shui and the treasured place", was given by Emperor Zhu Houzong in 1531.



Major Industries in Zhongxiang


Food processing industry, electronic engineering processing, phosphate industry, garment industry and machinery processing etc.