After many years of coastal booming now the mid China provinces take lead in growth. The economy is expanding from east to west when labour cost, energy and land is getting more expensive in the coastal cities. This development is of national concern which means opportunities.
The coastal regions have historically been more developed also regarding infrastructure – not just financially. But in the last few years the infrastructure in the central parts of China has developed in rapid pace – and still does. All of China does – it is a central strategy which is important both for domestic trade but also for transports across the borders.
The huge market volume in the growing middle China has attracted a large number of international companies to move there. We are ideally located in the heart of the country. CES Parks - China Eco Smart Industry Parks - are perfect platforms for this development of industry.
The infrastructure is great and the development is ongoing and fast. We have all the resources needed for volume and quality production. Our central location together with great infrastructure makes it a great hub to access the enormous middle China market as well as the coastal regions.
CES Parks are owned by the local municipal governments of Hubei Province, and they are managed by CES Parks Investment Ltd.
By offering extremely favourable policies and conditions in the parks and access to the local market we create a platform for companies to move to China and/or to expand their business and increase efficiency.