Rich History

Hubei was the home for sophisticated Neolithic cultures. Unearthed pottery in the province dates back more than 4000 years of history. By the Spring and Autumn Period (770–476 BC), the territory of today's Hubei was part of the powerful State of Chu. Until today, people in Hubei and its neighboring province Hunan are still called Chu people, and their culture as Chu culture.


Hubei covers 185 900 square kilometers. It is the 14th largest province in China. Hubei is about the size of two Portugal (91 982 square kilometers) together. Yangtze River (6 300 km long, the third longest river in the world), flows 1 041 kilometers through the province. Han River (1 577 km long, the biggest tributary of Yangtze River), flows 858 kilometers through the province.



Hubei has a population of 59 million, which is about the size of Italy (60 million). It is the 9th most populous province in China. Hubei has 6 neighboring provinces which the total population is 397 million (2016). It is more than the total population of USA (321 million).


Hubei is located at the very heart of the country. It is a historically important province for being an essential strategic location. It has a name for being "the gateway of nice provinces". National high speed railways and high way meet in the province. Ocean containers reach to the Wuhan harbor. From Hubei, you can reach to 2/3 of the Chinese provinces within 10 hours by driving.